Salon International 2014, Award


Salon International 2014, Award – Honorable Mention – Deruta Delivery, 30×30 Oil on Linen, Margret E. Short © 2014 [read more]

Iron Oxide Pigments, Colors and Uses


George O’Hanlon’s Best Painting Practice Class held in Portland this past weekend was a treasure trove of valuable information.  Much of the information presented was material I have studied over the years since my art quest began, and happily, there were many nuggets presented too.  The topics of materials, techniques, mediums, painting substrates, pigments, solvents,  [read more]

An Exquisite Touch of History – William Merritt Chase


The re-known artist/teacher and fellow Salmagundi Club member, William Merritt Chase, once said, “Painting is the Most Magnificent Profession.” Though he was born at the middle of the 1800s and died in 1916, he and I are kindred spirits in this belief. There is nothing more enjoyable than observing a splendid sunset and recording it  [read more]

Composition Juggling

Initial placement of subject matter.

Sometimes in the process of working on a painting, things change. Things that seemed perfectly placed just do not come together as planned. If you are lucky this does not happen very often, however for the painting on my easel at this time, I had to juggle some of the objects to make my concept  [read more]

Final Results – Stack White Process – Part lV

Flakes have formed on the lead coils.

Stack pots after two weeks of corroding. The smell of acetic acid (vinegar) is still present inside the stack shed, but not as sharp as it was initially. The temperature within the compost heap is raising, but on the surface it is still at ambient temperatures. Flakes have formed on the lead coils. The relative  [read more]

On the Easel

Latest painting on easel with set-up

Often followers ask about current projects. Though at this time, I have no in-depth project involving an ancient culture or goddess from an ancient world, there are endless pigments, mediums, brushstrokes, or canvas textures to investigate. On my easel right now, is the painting posted here in its early stages of development. Dramatic light is  [read more]

Stack White Process – Part lll

Coils of lead in pots with vinegar immersed in manure and bark

In the next step of the lead white making process, specially made earthenware pots were arranged and then filled about one-third with vinegar. You will notice a variety of pot colors which indicate varying amounts of lead inserted into certain pots which were processed differently.  The rolled lead coils were then placed into the pots.  [read more]

Perchance to Paint

Perchance to Paint 30x30 3-09 150@8

                          Perchance to Paint © Margret E. Short, OPA, AWA Master SOLD Gallery 903, Portland, Oregon

Stack White Process – Part ll

Coils inserted into earthenware pots filled with one-third vinegar then
placed on bed of manure and bark.

You might ask why the term “flake” is applied to describe authentic Dutch flake lead white. The answer comes from the appearance of the material as it actually flakes off the metallic lead strips during the formation process. Modern lead white pigment found commonly in art supply stores is not a true flake white made  [read more]

Creme d la creme of White Pigments – Part l

Natural Pigments -Stack White

  Those of you who have followed this blog know of my passion for historical pigments that have quirky legends attached to them, the quirkier the better.  Indeed, there are some mighty bizarre tales related to the making of colors, painting techniques, and stories of strange artists themselves. Well, stack lead white is a color  [read more]